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The Spiritual Warfare Bible

20180304_083543We are all sinners and all struggle on some level to combat sin and live in accordance to God’s Will. As we may or may not be aware, there is a battle being waged for the claiming our souls. Our enemy, Satan is a deceptively clever foe who seeks to confuse, mislead, entrap, and enslave each and every one of us. His ultimate goal is to isolate us in our sin, and rip us from God and His saving grace. Throughout the generations, our Holy Church has provided a rich arsenal of spiritual weapons and instruction for the battle which has been raging since The Fall itself. The greatest of these is none other than God’s Word, as preserved in the Holy Bible.

It goes without saying that every Catholic man (and household) should posess (and read) the Bible. The Scriptures are *the* essential tool for the not only the fight, but for building and fortifying the citadel of our souls against the incessant onslaught of Satan and his dark minions. God’s Word is also the nourishment we need to sustain us through our struggles, to help us break through the seige(s) of sin as they may occur…. The Spiritual Warfare Bible provides the perfect weapon and means of defense in the war against sin and the father of sin, Satan.

20180304_083709The Spiritual Warfare Bible is published by Saint Benedict Press, and employs the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition of the Holy Scriptures and contains nine “Spiritual Warfare” sections (written and compiled by Paul Thigpen, PhD), which are inserted throughout the volume. These sections include:

-Scriptures For The Battle: knowing the scriptural names of the devil and his demons provides the intel needed to know and understand our enemy and his soldiers. This is the first step in our advance toward their defeat.
-Know Your Enemy: addresses Satan and his demons, their manner of activity, how he and they influence men and men’s lives, and steps we can take to protect ourselves / deal with their assaults.
-Know Your Commander And Comrades: Christ, our Blessed Mother, the saints, and our fellow Christians stand at the ready to help us…know your armor and know how to keep the enemy from infiltrating the encampment.
-Know Your Weapons: we can employ prayer, worship, the Holy Eucharist, fasting, and other means such as the Sacraments and Holy Scripture in the struggle.
-Church Teaching About Spiritual Warfare: the catechism, papal documents / addresses, and other resources help us to understand how to confront the enemy’s power and influence.
-Words From The Saints About Spiritual Warfare: a rich collection of wisdom from the “veterans of the spiritual war that continues to rage in this world”.
-Spiritual Warfare In The Lives Of The Saints: the saints battled the enemy from the smallest matters to that of the extraordinary. Here, we are given a glimpse into the deeds of such men and women as St. Benedict, St. Margaret of Cortona, St. Rose of Lima, St. Aphonsus Liguori, St. Anthony the Great, and others.
-Prayers For The Battle: while not as exhaustive a treatment as Thigpen’s “Manual for Spiritual Warfare”, this section provides a wonderful assortment of prayers to God, the saints, Mary, angels, prayers for the family and home, for deliverance and strength, and more.
-Spiritual Warfare Topical Index: easily reference pertinent figures and topics throughout the scriptures with this well-structured index.

20180304_083630The Spiritual Warfare Bible also includes reference notes and a very user-friendly calendar of scriptural readings as heard throughout the liturgical year -at both sunday mass and in the weekday services (current to 2040).

This remarkable volume is produced with a Leathersoft cover, silver page gilding, and has three attached cloth markers. It’s also beautifully illustrated and set in a pleasant, readable font. The inserts are printed on heavier stock than the main text, which makes them convenient to locate and access. The paper stock of the text isn’t so thick that a hand-truck would be necessary to carry its full weight, but it isn’t so thin that the bleed-through would render the whole annoyingly difficult or outright unreadable. The book has some heft, but isn’t too heavy…the pages are clearly printed with crisp characters, and set with precision (making instances of bleed-through text slight). The Leathersoft cover and sewn binding not only lend to a good feel (while holding the Bible in one’s hands), but also allows the book to lay open with general ease, or even to be set open and unassisted on a table, desk, or in one’s lap.

The Spiritual Warfare Bible can be found at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or directly through the publisher at Saint Benedict Press.

The Combat Rosary

Like many Catholic men, I carry a rosary. I have a physical job, and so, easily break the typical st20170916_101230rand of beads (no matter how careful I try to be). Sure, I could just leave my rosary in my bag as I work, but that isn’t the same as keeping it on my person- I like having access to it in need, and while I don’t use it as some sort of lucky talisman or anything of the sort, it does serve be a tool of peace and spiritual comfort in those moments of need. Likewise, feeling its presence upon me acts as not only a constant reassurance / reminder of God’s presence and promise in my life, but also frequently draws to mind a remembrance of my need to evangelize through actions- especially in the difficult challenges my job often presents.

Going back a handful of years now (at least 5 or so), I came across a website offering a “Combat Rosary”. This is based on the design that was commissioned by the U.S. government for use by servicemen during WWI. In the photo, you can see that it’s made of stainless steel pull-chain, and comes with both a medal of St. Benedict and the Pardon Crucifix (the medals and cross are detailed on both sides). It is available in bronze and gold tones, and can also be ordered with an additional medal (representing the different branches of the U.S. armed services or saints such as St. Michael and St. Florian). Each rosary comes with a pamphlet that explains the origin, meaning, and symbolisms of the medals and Crucifix.

The Combat Rosary has a nice weight to it and is as sturdy as it is beautiful (my photo does no justice to it whatsoever). My own has survived for at least five years and counting, and I feel it is well worth the money spent.

Check out the link below for more information, ordering, and other items offered by