Of Man and Virtue

Life isn’t easy. We aren’t guaranteed success, material treasures, or even any amount of life itself, for that matter. Our true and lasting joy isn’t to be found in the things and comforts of this world, but in the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The path to which we are called, that of the Catholic man, isn’t easy and is fraught with temptations and challenges. This isn’t the course of the faint-of-heart, but that of the bold. Each day, we must muster the strength to take up our cross and strive to walk in the ways of our Lord. Certainly, we aren’t trying to *be* Him, but to imitate him- we must do our best to live in virtue, in accordance to the teachings of Christ and the Holy Catholic Church, and to face the difficulties of this world with true inner joy and fortitude. We will stumble. We will often fail. But we also pick ourselves back up and continue our journey.

Be a Man of Strength. Be a Catholic.